Consultation Topics

  • Review your high level goals, core values, and purpose
  • Discuss the KPI’s you use to track your goal progress
  • Uncover any obstacles preventing you from scaling or evolving the business
  • Go through how you hire and fire

  • Review your current marketing investments
  • Go through what metrics are used or missing to track your return on marketing spend
  • Review the tracking process from new lead to conversion
  • Discuss your marketing goals and how they are kept accountable

  • We’ll review your existing systems being used and if they are the right fit for your goals and tasks
  • Go through a software checklist and document your software workflow
  • Uncover areas where cost can be cut or value can be added
  • Discuss solutions to by-pass 3rd party platform costs (i.e. zapier)

  • Discuss how your data is organized
  • Reveal if we need to join multiple systems to bring all of your data together
  • Suggest efficient ways to organize and report on your data
  • Review and suggest CRM and database solutions

  • Review any existing campaign flows with follow-up automation
  • Go through our campaign checklist and see what’s missing
  • Help you and your team save time with automation implementation
  • Automate email, SMS, and phone calls

  • We’ll develop a trustworthy plan for tracking KPI’s and Metrics in all areas of your business to keep each team and team member accountable for their tasks.

  • Review how you keep your employees accountable for their tasks
  • Discuss ideas on how to keep your employees accountable, productive, and happy
  • Manager dashboards solutions to see who needs help and where they need help
  • Discuss ways to motivate employees with gamification, and so much more!

  • Review your existing reporting solution (most commonly, excel)
  • Discuss how often you monitor your KPI’s and teams’ performance
  • Uncover solutions on how you can make confident decisions based off your data

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Dan's Story

Title: Owner

Company: Kitajima Insurance Agency

Before Johnny, Dan...

  • Spent around $10k a month in advertising
  • Couldn’t track his advertising ROI accurately
  • Manually assigned new leads
  • Couldn’t see his team's follow-up activity
  • Couldn’t see his sales team's productivity and efficiency
  • Missing nurture campaigns for new customers

After 30 days with Johnny, Dan…

  • Paused marketing ads with low, close rates
  • Reviewed reports to see ad set and employee performance
  • Had a system to distribute leads automatically
  • Had a system to increase contact rate with follow-up automation
  • Actively uses a Sales Rep Dashboard to see metrics and trends
  • Automated campaigns to follow-up with customers and generate reviews

After 90 days with Johnny, Dan…

  • Increased is advertising budget by 300%
  • Had real-time visibility into his ad’s cost per acquisition
  • Adjusted his round-robin assignment based on sales rep performance
  • Increased close rate from drip campaigns
  • Increased customer value from up-sell campaigns
  • Reviewed customer cohort to reveal his customer acquisition timeline
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Know what’s working and what isn’t.

With Johnny Automation, you can see ad sets and employee performance and review reports to uncover the areas that are working for your business. We review your ads and employee data to tell you what is and isn't working. You can make the right changes and see a higher return with this information. This information will help you grow your company without guessing where to put your time and money.

Increased Audience Engagement

Reviews can make or break your online reputation. Get them free by following up with your customers and generating reviews on their behalf. With Johnny Automation, own campaigns to follow-up with customers and generate reviews to put you ahead of your competitors. It will increase your customer base, generate more business, and get employees back on board.

Manage everything in one place

The complete solution for your needs. Get full visibility of everything happening with your lead generation, campaign management, and team productivity. Imagine what you could achieve if you didn't have to worry about keeping your strategic plan up-to-date. With Johnny Automation, your strategy is always in sight while you keep your eye on the finish line. There are no more excuses with Johnny Automation.

We work with you to create a marketing plan that provides high-quality leads and reduces customer churn.

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Our Process

Strategic Planning

Uncover what you're missing with Johnny Automation. Gaining efficiency is the secret to improving your ROI. So let us help you uncover where you're missing out on opportunities that will increase your efficiencies and improve your earnings. First, we'll go through a one-page business plan to organize your vision and discover all the metrics needed to track progress towards your goals. Then, we will align all of your departments, so everyone's tasks and focus are on the same goals.

Productivity Review

We'll take a look at your existing systems compared to new solutions or, we'll discover ideas on how to utilize your existing technology fully. Finally, we'll restructure workflows to cut wasted time and increase employee productivity. Automation is the key to efficiency and profitability. Get more done with less effort, all while making more money.

Advanced Reporting

We'll organize and enrich your data to give users the ability to create real-time, game-changing dashboards to track ALL your metrics and KPI's. Create competitive dashboards for teams while monitoring employee productivity and ROI. Easily find areas where your business needs attention or where a celebration is needed. We can take the hours off your hands and put them into revenue-positive activities with our wealth of knowledge. Get the facts on our customer feedback reports and increase your ROI with us!

Best of the best. Johnny Automation has taken our company to the next level and we are always excited to evolve! Would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about their business and sales.
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Software Partners

Our Projects

Getting Started

  • Strategy & Goal Planning
  • Existing CRM Management
  • New CRM Implementation
  • Billing Automation & Order Forms
  • Lead Intake Integrations
  • Automated Lead Assignment
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Power Dialer
  • SMS Capability
  • Automated Emails
  • Sales Follow-up Campaigns
  • Customer Nurture Campaigns
  • Website Design & Development


  • Everything in Getting Started plus…
  • Sales Pipeline Automation
  • Optimize Efficiency with Existing Systems
  • CRM Customization
  • Data Organization
  • Automating Department Workflows
  • Creating Workflow Documentation
  • Advanced Reporting Dashboards
  • Track Advertising/Marketing Return
  • Track Sales Team Productivity
  • Track Sales Rep Return
  • Sales Team Gamification
  • Customer Google & Social Reviews

Industry Disrupter

  • Everything in Advanced plus…
  • Phone System Build Out
  • Call Center with Advanced User Interface
  • Complete Infrastructure Rebuild
  • Join Multiple Databases/Systems
  • 2-way Chat User Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence (Message BOT)
  • Department Reporting Dashboards
  • API Integrations
  • Machine Learning Reporting Dashboards
  • Advanced Website Design and Development
  • And Any and All Ideas You Bring to US!!!